How to Treat Your Girlfriend with Respect

Gloria Parton
5 min readJul 8, 2021

Is it your first time to have a girlfriend? Or were your previous relationships a failure and your ex-girlfriends complained that you did not treat them with respect? Do not worry. I have here tips that can help you treat girls better or show them respect.

1. Meet her family and be courteous to them.

If you are really serious with your current girlfriend, then have the guts to meet her family formally. This way, you can show them that you have well-intentions for their daughter. It is also a sign that you respect them. You can also have a sincere talk with them, giving the assurance that you will take care of her.

2. Introduce her to your family.

To prove to your girlfriend that you take your relationship seriously, and you have no other girlfriends, you should introduce her to your family. This will make her feel honored and respected. Also, this is a sign that you are proud to have her.

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3. Meet and accept her friends.

Even before you arrived in her life, she had her old friends already. Be willing to meet and befriend them as well. Take the time and effort to be part of their friendship circle. This way, you will know them better, so you can learn to trust them. If she has boyfriends, do not stop her from seeing them. Logically, if she could have a thing with any of them, she should have ended up with that person a long time ago.

4. Introduce her to your friends.

One way of showing your girl the respect she deserves is by letting her enter your world too. Let her meet your friends so that she will know who you are with every time you message her that you are with the gang. She will have peace knowing the persons you hang up with.

5. Avoid flirting with other girls.

You may think flirting is not that harmful and it is just for fun. However, just try to put yourself in the shoes of your girlfriend. What would you feel if you know her flirting and having ‘harmless’ dirty talks with some other guys? Even if your girlfriend would not know about your flirting habits, you would not do it if you really love her — because of respect. You do not want your flirt-partners to be laughing at your girlfriend behind her back, right?

6. Do not bring her to unwholesome places.

If you truly respect your girlfriend, then you would protect her dignity and welfare. You would not want people thinking negatively against her, just because she was seen in a dark or unwholesome place with a man. Also, you do not want to risk her to dangers that might be lurking in such a place.

7. Avoid being rude to her.

No matter how mad you get at your girlfriend because of a misunderstanding, never ever use harsh or obscene words on her. Do not treat her harshly like leaving her alone in the street at night. You have to remain to be a gentleman to her, even if you are losing your patience.

8. Never force her to do things.

In case you want to do something which she does not want, especially sensual stuff, do not threaten her just to get what you want. You have to respect her decisions and moral principles. Forcing her is called abuse or harassment. Again, as her man, you should be the first one to protect her and her dignity as a woman. Do not be the cause of her self-esteem deterioration.

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9. Do not be a dictator.

Your girlfriend has free will. For this reason, you should allow her to decide for herself. You should not force her to base her decisions on what you want and what you do not want. Trust and respect her judgment.

10. Appreciate her publicly and privately.

Appreciation is one way of acknowledging a person. If you make it a habit to praise your girlfriend even in simple things, you boost her self-worth. You make her feel that you value her as a person and that you are proud of her. You will see how blooming she can get, because of your appreciation.

11. Do not embarrass her in public.

On the other hand, embarrassing her especially in front of other people would make her lose her self-worth. It is a sign that you do not respect her at all. No matter how pissed off you are because of her nagging or whatever, control your temper. Just talk to her privately about the issue, and try to fix things in a quiet way.

12. Consult her for decision-making.

It is not that you will make her decide for you. Of course, as an individual, you have your right to decide for yourself. However, consulting her before you make a decision and asking for her opinion would make her see that you really value her thoughts and feelings.

13. Do not abuse her in any way.

If you respect your girlfriend, you would never dare lay a hand on her or hurt her feelings. As a gentleman, be careful not to harm her physically, sexually, verbally, and psychologically. Respect her rights as a human being, remind yourself that you ought to protect her.

14. Do not take her for granted.

Taking your girlfriend for granted is an indication that you do not respect her feelings. You also do not think of her as someone worthy of your attention. How do you avoid taking her for granted? Do not make her wait whenever you have a date. Do not forget or break your promises. Give her time and do not stop making efforts to make her feel special. Listen to her advice and suggestions as well.

Be the man

You are blessed to have been chosen by your girlfriend. Therefore, never take her for granted. Always treat her and her loved ones with respect. You should also be patient with her despite her tantrums and mood swings. As you do these, rest assured you will receive the same treatment from her.

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