The 7 Best Self-Help Books For Women In 2021

Ain’t no shame in needing a little bit of help—even if it's just from a book. But with so many self-help titles on the market these days, finding the right read for you and your current sitch isn't always a walk in the park book store.

The whole process is like navigating a literary Goldilocks situation: Some are too cheesy, some are too woo-woo, some are too tough love. Eventually, you can't help but wonder if any self-help book will ever really be just right.

  1. How To Be Single And Happy

Sick of swiping? Had enough crappy blind dates? Over cringeworthy setups? Here to help is clinical psychologist Jennifer Taitz, who uses her own knowledge, research, and client interviews to help you live your best, happiest life no matter—I repeat, no matter—your relationship status. In getting there, you'll learn to shake off past relationships (and all their baggage), stop overanalyzing bad dates, and rid yourself of any guilt about being single, says Hamroff.

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2. You Are A Badass

Forget what you know about self-help books being heavy and sad because, thanks to the likes of Jen Sincero, that's not always the case. (**Oprah voice** Hello, let's celebrate that!) Sincero's read is hilarious and uplifting, and it'll give you a serious dose of motivation to go after whatever you want. Because you’re too much of a rock star not to have the life you've always dreamed about, mmkay?

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3. Braving The Wilderness

Sure, you want to connect more with those around you and become a kinder, more empathetic person—but it can be really, really hard when you're dealing with your own sh*t. That's where Brené Brown comes in. "Brené helps normalize the plight of difficulties in the moment and teaches us to how to say, 'yes' to what is happening, whether pleasant or unpleasant," says Alyssa (Lia) Mancao, LCSW, a psychotherapist in Sherman Oaks, California.

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4. The Gifts Of Imperfection

In the wonderful world of self-help content, Brené Brown (yes, the same woman who wrote the above rec, Braving the Wilderness) is a household name—which makes sense given her vast research and knowledge on shame, perfectionism, and empathy (and how all three impact mental health).

With this title in particular, Brown teaches the reader to let go of perfectionism and lean into the discomfort "that [she's] trying to protecting [herself] from," per Mancao. For all those struggling with vulnerability and perfectionism (**raises hand**), she says this read is right for you.

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5. The 5 Love Languages

When it comes to building a good relationship, this book will get you there, and it works without relying on the weird gimmicks so many of these types of tomes turn to. Knowing your love language (how you express and prefer to receive romantic feelings) and your partner’s means you can both get your needs met—and be happier together.

"It has a very straightforward approach in addressing and understanding love languages, while also providing concrete homework to help you practice each skill," says Mancao.

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6. Badass Women Give The Best Advice

If you need some encouragement (and some laughs) after a dating dry spell, turn to this self-help book. The author taps the celebs, comedians, and business mavens you adore (think Drew Barrymore and Chrissy Teigen) to deliver advice on sex, dating, and love with a side of sass. This is one book you’re actually going to quote from—and not feel dorky about it.

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7. The Four Tendencies

Are you an upholder, questioner, obliger, or rebel? The answer is a window into your personality that's much more reliable than random Facebook quizzes. Gretchen Rubin teaches you how to play to your strengths and work with your weaknesses, so you can make the changes you want (and let's be real, need) in your life.

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